Minutes – 2011

MARCH 18th 2011

The Meeting was called to order at 10:00AM.

Eight (8) Owners, either in person or by proxy were represented thus establishing a Quorum. Jim Boaz made a motion that Peter Grant chair the meeting. Second by Joe Geiselmann. The motion passed unanimously.

All notices for the Meeting required by Florida Statute and the Association’s Bylaws have been met.

There were no minutes available to read from the previous meeting..

Report of Officers: President, Jim Boaz presented a brief report for the Board of Directors detailing the events of the last year.

Old Business: There was no old business carried over from prior Member’s Meetings.

Management gave an overview of the Association’s finances for the 2010 fiscal year to date showing that the Association remains in a solid financial condition and proceeded to answer numerous questions from the Members.

New Business:

• The vote to rollover surplus funds, if any, from the 2010/11 budget to the 2011/12 budget was approved unanimously.
• The ballots for Board Members were counted. There were four nominees and the results were as follows: Joette Maynard (7); Joe Geiselmann (7); Ken Page (5); Ron Jarvis (2).
• The Board Members for 2010 therefore shall be: Joette Maynard, Ken Page & Joe Geiselmann, each and all qualified to serve as a Director according to Florida Statute and Association Documents.
• Ron Jarvis made a motion to ratify the decisions of the emergency board meeting called two weeks ago which approved a small adjustment to the amount due from unit #510 to facilitate the short sale closing. Second by Jim Boaz. The motion was approved unanimously.
• The following items were raised by Members as concerns and will each be addressed over the coming weeks where possible.
o Sink holes around sea wall
o Parking lot striping
o Mailboxes.
o Door frames rotting in garage entry doorways.

Joe Geiselmann made a motion to adjourn. Second by Pam Geiselmann. There being no further business before the Members, the meeting was adjourned. It was announced that an organizational Meeting of the new Board of Directors will be held in the next few days.